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The History of the City League

September 10th 1989 at Bob Carter Centre
The City of Norwich League formed as League with 5 founding clubs
Wentworth Green, Jarrolds, Electricity, St Andrews Hospital,
Kirby Bedon, British Legion, British Rail & Norfolk County Council.
Chairman S.Goldsmith Secretary / Treasurer J.Watson
Sunday 15th October 1989 at Kirby Bedon Church Hall
League 5 became the City Of Norwich League.1 Person at this meeting
still serves on the Committee today Pat Ramsey/Smart.
18th March 1990
Wentworth Green changed names and moved to the Gothic Social Club.
22nd July 1990
Deaf Sports & Norman Centre elected to the League.
2nd September 1990
League constitution adapted.
27th January 1991
Gothic Social Club sold & closed team allowed to complete all fixtures
playing away.
12th May1991
Costessey and Eastern Counties Omnibus elected to the league.
Gothic move to Sprowston SSC
8th September 1991
S.Goldsmith Stood down as Chairman
13th October 1991
M.Coxall elected Chairman S.Goldsmith Fixture & Competition
24th November 1991
League colours adopted for Inter League Games.
5th April 1992
Heavyweight jacks became legal.
6th December 1992
Peter Johnson resigned as Vice Chairman Vic Bennett elected to
replace him.
9th May 1993
Horsford Heroes & Bonds elected to the league.
22nd August 1993
Christine Willard elected as Treasurer.
26th June 1994
Hewett elected to the league.
20th August 1995
League fees increased to £15 (still the same 15 years on)
24th March 1996
Taverham elected to the league
5th May 1996
Horsford Heroes application for a second team was turned down.
18th August 1996
Christine Willard resigned as Treasurer Peter Smart elected to
replace her
27th October 1996
Anglia Bowls finished sponsoring the league after 6 seasons
2nd March 1997
Horsford Heroes 2 and Poringland applied to join the league
8th June 1997
Poringland elected to league Horsford Heroes withdrew their
Hellesdon Tyre Services started to sponsor the league
Norwich Busmen changed their name to Eastern Counties First Bus.
10th August 1997
Constitution altered to allow players to play in other leagues.
Vic Bennett resigned as Vice Chairman Nigel Willard elected to fill gap.
11th January 1998
Poringland said they would not be in the league next season and
ended up withdrawing from the league at end of January.
7th June 1998
Hevingham, Horsford Heroes, Acle, Woodbastwick, Bob Carter, Thorpe
Marriott and Coltishall all applied to join the league all were refused.
Norman Centre moved to British Legion and changed name to Normans
Hewett became Norwich Central
31st August 1998
Jill Watson & Selwyn Goldsmith & Nigel Willard resigned through the
committee not electing other teams into the league. Kirby Bedon
and Deaf Sports both leave league.
Peter Smart elected Competition & Fixture Secretary
Pat Smart elected Treasurer
No takers for Secretary so Pat & Peter Smart said they would fill
the gap until replacements found.
David Dewing elected Vice Chairman.
5-mile limit from the outer ring road brought in to prevent a repeat of
what happened in June.
7th June 1999
City League Shield introduced.
12th August 2000
Norwich Central became Framingham Earl.
8th October 2000
John Rix was given £100 sponsorship to attend the blind World
1st July 2001
Anglian Windows elected to League.
Jarrolds moved from St James Mill to Gas Social Club.
10th February 2002
John Rix was sponsored for £100 to go to Australia to represent GB.
17th August 2002
Deaf Sports re-elected to the league.
24th August 2003
League voted to take competitions to Roundwood.
26th October 2003
Vote taken to allow City League Clubs to withdraw from the
Norwich Cup.
20th June 2004
Horsford Bowls Club elected to the league
8th August 2004
Hellesdon Tyre Services withdrew sponsorship after 7 years.
4th June 2005
Thorpe Marriott elected to league.
20th August 2005
Normans Fold and leave the league
Ted Redwood elected onto Committee.
John Lewis moves to Arkwrights
18th December 2005
British Rail moves to the Bakers Dozen.
11th February 2007
League voted to move competitions to Lakeside.
19th August 2007
British Rail moves to Canary Social Club.
30th March 2009
Thorpe announced they had folded with immediate effect.
1st June 2009
Phone vote taken over Felthorpe’s application 100% vote in favour
of them joining the league.
9th August 2009
British Legion withdrew from the league. British Rail moves to
Thorpe Social Club.
Pat Smart & Mike Coxall made life members of the league.
2nd November 2009
20th Anniversary celebrations at Gt Yarmouth Greyhounds.
Bigwood Betty won our sponsored race.
8th August 2010
John Lewis become Old Bonds and move venues to the Scout Hut on
Rowington Road.
12th August 2012 Horsford Heroes moved venue to St Faith Centre
Manor Road Horsham St Faith